Our Sustainability


Our Fabrics

We source our materials in limited fabric prints and leftover fabric known as deadstock.  This means that we are preventing waste from collecting by using fabric that would otherwise be discarded.  This helps us minimize our environmental impact in the fashion industry with less waste.

 It also means that the dresses we design are limited editions and once the print fabric is gone – it’s truly gone!  So if you’re eyeing one of our dresses, grab it before it runs out.


Our Production

Our heritage dresses are traditionally made in limited quantities.  Due to this authentic and traditional production method, each dress is “handmade” and no two pieces are alike - a testament to the artist behind each outfit.


Our Packaging

We wanted to commit to supporting small business enterprises (like ourselves) and communities here in the USA by supporting the local economy while also being good stewards of the earth.  We chose to use 100% recycled shipping envelopes that can be reused, and products that are Made in the USA from local small businesses and certified sustainably sourced.  A great resource to delve into this further can be found here.

Our Carbon Footprint

We took stock of our sustainability practices and did an assessment to see where we could improve.  Our research shows that a great majority of our carbon footprint is in our energy consumption.  So we are researching renewable energy opportunities.

Circular Economy

We are looking into developing a circular economy for The Open Road outfits.  The great news is, the mailing envelopes our dresses are sent in are recyclable and can be reused.  So they are a win-win!  Reuse our shipping envelopes in which you receive your purchases and store or donate our heritage dresses.

Our process is ongoing.  We are always looking to improve!


Shop Our Dresses

Shop our ethical collections and know that every purchase you make helps another woman, empowers a family, and gives back to the community.