Every Purchase Gives Back

We at The Open Road are committed to serving others in the communities we live in.  In addition to supporting the women artisans in India who make The Open Road dresses, you are also supporting women in the local community right here in the USA.

It all started when The Open Road was still a concept.

At the time, one of our founders had just completed working in Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Hospital when the  tragic global news came of a mother-to-be who was denied access to deliver her child in a hospital, and delivered the baby in the grounds outside. Having worked with children and often babies at Hopkins, it was heartbreaking that a child should be born into this world knowing how hard life can be.

 In honour and memory, lest we forget, of that circumstance, we want to provide new mothers with a little care package to know that we do care, that the world isn’t always so harsh, and that they are not alone.

People do care.

 So with every purchase you make, we would like to provide a mother and newborn infant with hand knit booties and bonnet, sourced and made in the USA.

 As Mother Teresa said, “Unless life is lived for others, it’s not worthwhile.”

“Unless life is lived for others, it’s not worthwhile.”

- Mother Teresa

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Shop our ethical collections and know that every purchase you make helps another woman, empowers a family, and gives back to the community.