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Please join us to shape and better our world together.

The Open Road first came about as a concept many years ago when the twins and their mother wanted to give back to the community and thought of creating a children’s clothing line that would benefit the artisan tailors in India who made them. It was a choice of an ethical fashion line that would provide women in Indian households a means of supporting themselves despite living in poverty. It was an idea of empowerment and hope.

 More than a decade later, one of the sisters decided to act upon the idea; and on a chance trip to India met a friend who had started a children’s boutique where women from impoverished backgrounds worked on smocking and were recompensed. The idea had become a reality. The first store opened in a tiny little rural town in the heartland of America.

 From there, the other sister took over and it has now become an online clothing store, opening up the possibilities to a wider audience.

With a humanitarian mission in mind, the ethical fashion from The Open Road uses this transparent supply chain, supporting families in India.

The Open Road is also committed to supporting communities at home and abroad. It does so through supporting local businesses in the USA.

 We hope you will relish visiting the online marketplace that sells one-of-a-kind pieces; handmade with love from India that supports homemakers in impoverished communities move towards a brighter future for their children.

Please join us in this venture, to shape and better our world together.

Behind the Scenes at The Open Road

View behind the scenes footage of the women artisans who make the dresses and discover the skill and craftsmanship that goes into smocking.

The World of Smocking

Smocking is an old English handicraft with its origins in the agricultural labor of England.  Stroll through the history of smocking and discover the beauty and simplicity of this art form with the New York Public Library.

The Textiles of India

Walk down memory lane with the rich fabrics of India which date back to at least 6000 years, courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Our Sustainability

The whole world really is a garden - it needs to be tended and cared for, and loved.  The Open Road is committed to caring for people as well as our beautiful Planet Earth.  

How to Care for Your Garment

Discover how to care for your child's heritage dress from The Open Road.  Our guiding principles for washing smart and the benefits to you and the planet are also included.

Our packaging is sustainably 

Made in the USA 

and we proudly support local businesses 

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The girls have been wearing – and loving – their dresses!

by Jacqui B.

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