Us in ethically made dresses similar to The Open Road's Leila dress from the First Collection.

When my sister and I were growing up, we would always visit India on our family’s annual trips home. There, my mum would visit a little children’s boutique in the heart of the city where a lady made beautiful and unique clothes. She had trained some women from disadvantaged backgrounds to make these dresses, and they would make the most exquisite hand-smocked dresses that were definitely one-of-a-kind pieces. Little did I know at the time that my mother was dressing us in ethically made fashion that supported those from disadvantaged situations earn an income. As my sister and I are twins, we would both desire the same outfit but due to the handmade nature of the items, it was rare to find two dresses that were exactly the same and in exactly the same size! This was always a cause of contention.

Over the years, we moved around to various countries, residing in them, studying, and learning in them but always returned to the little store that we remembered. As we outgrew the dresses, the visits became fewer and far between, but we never forgot that little boutique. My mother would visit to buy their gorgeous children’s apparel as gifts for friends.

As we were preparing to graduate from high school, the one hope my mother, my sister and I shared was a desire to give back to the community in India and empower the many women whose lives impact future generations. We desired to give hope by opening a little children’s boutique, training women from impoverished backgrounds to make stunning hand-smocked children’s apparel, much as that cherished little boutique had done, and allowing them to work from home so they could take care of their families while supplementing their income. We had many other ideas to support them spurred by this one thought, but the main idea was to establish a little boutique.

Years passed and we moved to the US and settled here, with a long gap before we returned to visit India. 

Many years later, my sister remembered our desire and on her first trip back to India she met a family friend who had started a children’s boutique. Upon arriving she had discovered that the lady of the little boutique we were so fond of had retired. In trying to locate a similar children’s boutique she connected to our family friend who had started her own children’s boutique, uplifting women from disadvantaged backgrounds and providing them with the materials and patterns to make the beautiful little clothes you see on display at The Open Road. They work from home, allowing them to take care of their children while supplementing the family’s income. 

The Open Road was born as a way to bring the beautiful clothes from India and share them with a wider audience. 

We desire to provide hope for future generations, by empowering the mothers caring for them to supplement their income so that their children can pursue opportunities and succeed in life.

That is our hope for The Open Road.

Won’t you join us on this journey?

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