A Trip to India!


George was looking out the window of their apartment, gazing at the blue sky up ahead. Suddenly his baby sister giggled. George turned around to face her as she lay in her bassinet. “Oh Elliana!” he exclaimed. “Here, look at this plane.” And he picked up a wooden toy aeroplane. “Whoosh!” He flew the plane up, up and away into the air. “We’re going to fly away into an adventure.” And sure enough they did.

George’s mother wanted to visit her grandmother in India. George and Elliana had never met their great-grandmother. So it was time for a visit! It would be George and Elliana’s first time on a plane, traveling for such a long distance.

Fortunately for them, there were some fantastic amusements to keep little George occupied. As he gazed out the airport window late that night, waiting to board his flight, his eye suddenly caught sight of something fantastic. “Look Elliana!” George exclaimed, pointing into the lamp-lit darkness. For there right in front of their eyes, a huge crane was lifting a glossy black and very expensive, shiny new sports car from the hold of the plane. Ground crews were gathered around the shiny car. George’s eyes were glued to the scene before him. Just then, a voice on the loudspeaker announced that it was time for them to board their flight to India!

Groggy and jetlagged, George and Elliana landed in India. George perked up as his parents departed the airport. Suddenly, they spotted a beaming face. It was their great-grandmother! George was full of smiles as he ran up to her for a hug. His great-grandmother was so happy to see them. She hugged George and cuddled Elliana. They bundled into the car with their luggage and were off to their ancestral home.

The next morning, George went running outside to play. George’s mother followed, carrying little Elliana in her arms. There was a sandbox that his great-grandmother had built for his mother when she was young and filled with sand from the sea. George dug into the soft white sand with a little bucket, and Elliana joined in sitting with her mother. She picked up a little shovel and tossed some sand up into the air. “Be careful, Elliana!” said George gently. Elliana suddenly let out a squeal of delight. The children played happily in the sand as the sun shone overhead.

Later, the family all decided to visit the beach one day. The Indian Ocean was not too far from his great-grandmother’s house. They packed a picnic lunch and set off for the beach. The beach stretched before them, its layers of soft white sand stretching into the distance. George ran out onto the soft and very hot sand. He was so excited! As they neared the shore, George plonked down with his little shovel and pail set and started to build sandcastles. He wanted to fill the moat with seawater. He made his way to the water’s edge and gathered water into his pail. It sloshed around as he brought it to the moat and it splashed and wound its way round the sandcastle’s moat. His great-grandmother came over with a big beach ball. “Would you like to play ball, George?” she asked. “Yes please, great-grandma.” replied George. She tossed the ball to him. He tried to catch it. He missed, and it fell to the sand beside him. Elliana reached out to touch. George laughed in glee and ran forward to pick it up. He tried to toss it back to her but it fell on the shoreline. As he ran gleefully after it, a sudden rogue wave tossed the ball into the air and towards the open sea.

“Oh no!” cried George.

He and his great-grandmother watched as the ball slowly drifted further away from them, towards the open ocean. Suddenly the ball was tossed high into the air. A grey form leapt out. “Oh!” squealed George, jumping up and down and happily clapping his hands in glee. A friendly grey head popped up above the waves and chattered excitedly. It was a friendly dolphin. It tossed the ball again, pitching it towards them. The ball drifted up onto the shore. George ran forward to pick it up. The dolphin leaped into the air, and with a wave of its fluke, disappeared into the waves. George and his great-grandmother stood at the water’s edge, and watched silently as the dolphin disappeared from sight. George sighed happily.

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